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Same Lamps from the Attic. A New Way to Shop.

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Hello all,
We’re so happy that you decided to stop by our brand-spankin’-new Lamps from the Attic website! You might notice that we’ve changed a thing or two around here …made some renovations… and polished up our curb appeal.

Whether you came to find us through one of our social pages, you stumbled upon LFTA by way of Google, or you found us at one of our many shows, you’re still going to happen upon the same great Allen Danielsen-crafted lamps, on display here in our shiny new website. So, worry not my friends -because even though we might have updated our online showroom and streamlined our shoppe- we’re certain that you’re still going to be able discover the timeless bulb-lit piece of history that is uniquely, undeniably …yours.

Lamps in the Attic 0022 - Same Lamps from the Attic. A New Way to Shop.

What’s New, LFTA?

For those of you who visited the old LFTA website from before autumn 2017, you’re going to notice a few of the following changes:

  • We’ve changed the navigation of our shoppe section to make our lamps a great deal easier to find. Simply search by your desired niche category.
  • Also, we update a few of our info-pages, such as About LFTA and Custom Design.
  • On the homepage, we added several navigation icons to help you look around, including a link to our Instagram gallery and Facebook events pages.
  • Additionally, we update our website’s security (SSL certification), and implemented even greater protections on our payment portal -because customers trust us to secure their data. It’s just good business.
  • Last, our contact page can better direct you to the individual(s) you might want to connect with, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

One thing we DIDN’T change was our search bar in the top menu and in the website footer. Same as always, if you already have a rough description of the item -or even better, the model number (ie. #XXXX)- then you’re only a few clicks away from the exact item you’re looking for.

Shoppers Agree: Simplicity is Beauty …and It’s Less of a Headache

The most important change you may find, is we have overhauled the design and navigation. We understand that, while you may only be interested in browsing our online shoppe, simplicity and ease-of-use are among the biggest priorities for customers. You asked, we listened, and we made it happen.

Speaking of which, we’d like to conclude our first post on the new Lamps from the Attic website by saying this…

Your Feedback: Always Appreciated. (No Seriously, It Really Helps Us a Lot)

We LOVE hearing from you! If there’s something you’d like us to change, you have a suggestion, or even if it’s just general feedback -then please, please feel free to contact us. There are a few ways you can give us a shout, such as visiting our contact page. If you leave us a ‘quick message’, then that goes straight to our customer service inbox (managed by Edna). Or if you’d like to connect with the Head Craftsman (Allen) for things like requesting a custom design project, then you can email him directly or contact him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (links to our social pages are in the website footer).

Last, we also LOVE when customers leave reviews of our lamps that they purchase. Not only does that help us constantly improve our pieces, but that also provides other shoppe-browsing folks with another great way to get to know our lamps.

Well, that oughta’ do it for this post. Stay tuned for more, and keep an eye out for our regular Facebook/Instagram lamp gallery updates …and as always, thanks for stopping by our new Lamps from the Attic official website!


-Kevin Danielsen

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Same Lamps from the Attic. A New Way to Shop.

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