What started out as a small after-dinner hobby, building unique lamps made from antiques, their enjoyable little pastime became something much bigger for Allen and Edna Danielsen. In just a few short years, Lamps from the Attic was on the road, driving their tent stakes into art show clay from Pennsylvania to Maine.

Their process has always been quite simple. From the LFTA homestead workshop, located in Mount Joy, PA, Edna polishes each antique piece with (often much needed) TLC, while Allen builds and wires all lighting fixtures by hand. Every single project eventually comes together to create the ensemble: lamps repurposed from antiques -infused with intriguing design, painstaking care, and lots of know-how. But it’s not just a well-honed workflow that puts illuminated timepieces into living rooms nationwide…

Years ago, the duo discovered that they had a passion for rust and the warm glow of a gorgeous Edison bulb. However, both Danielsens would agree that when they watch shoppers make a chance connection with that perfect lamp, the glow of fond memories and pure nostalgia can feel, somehow, even warmer than the heat from an olde tyme incandescent globe. It’s why Allen and Edna believe that stories are given meaning by the people who lived them; hence, our motto:

“Every lamp has a story.”

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